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Client Setup Questions

  1. eACD group name
    • What is your department name?
  2. Number
    • What is the number that will be called to reach the ACD group?
  3. Number of Agents/Stations
    • How many total agents (designated answering staff) will be logging in?
    • How many phones/stations will be needed?
  4. Ring Length (redirect on no answer)
    • What is the total number of rings to an available agent before the call is redirected back to the queue?
  5. After Hours, Holidays, No Agents Staffed, Meeting and Emergency Routing
    • Where should calls be routed to for each of these conditions?
  6. Queue Max Time
    • What is the maximum number of seconds a call should wait on queue?
    • Do you want calls to go to voicemail?
  7. After Call Work Time
    • Will there be a time delay between the end of an ACD call to the next call presented to an agent? If yes, how many seconds?
  8. Announcement cycle
    • What will callers hear when they are on queue and what is the sequence of the intervals? ex. Generic announcement, 60 seconds music, custom announcement, 60 seconds music, etc.
  9. Line of Business
    • Will the agent track type of calls? If yes, you are responsible for creating your own list of categories identified as a 3 digit number.
  10. Supervisor
    • Will there be a designated supervisor set that will monitor calls?
Last modified March 11, 2015