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Database Administration


This offering provides a complete end-to-end service for the administration of Oracle and Microsoft SQLServer Databases, including maintenance, monitoring, and backup.

University IT delivers Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server Database Administration services to the Stanford community. University IT delivers transparent services, which provide the highest degree of reliability, accountability, and security while maintaining cost effectiveness.  

The Database Administration services provide 24x7 support of production databases, and 9x5 support of development and test databases. In addition to the typical day to day administrative or maintenance activities, production databases are continuously monitored to detect potential problems in order to proactively address issues before service is affected. 

The service also proactively applies security patches, tunes production database environments, rapidly responds to critical issues, ensures backup and recovery capabilities, prevents database outages, and works directly with the client to solve database issues. Included in the service is the upgrade to new releases as requested by the client or as needed to avoid being out of Oracle software support.

Description of Services


University IT will assist the client by reviewing plans pertaining to database capacity, performance, backups and testing, and will make appropriate recommendations to ensure adherence to best practices.

Installation and Deployment

University IT is responsible for veritying database function and backups upon deployment and when changes are applied.  The client is responsible for verifying application functionality.

Ongoing Support

The Database Administration service includes the following activities and tasks as part of ongoing support:

  •  Client Access Portal
  •  7 x 24 Monitoring and Alerting
  •  Database Service Desk
  •  Database Metrics and Reporting
  •  Service Level Agreements
  •  Database Backup & Recovery
  •  Storage Management
  •  Data (Schema) Management
  •  Patch Management
  •  Database Management
  •  User Management & Security
  •  Problem Detection and Resolution
  •  Performance Tuning
  •  Database Upgrades
  •  Failed Jobs

Clients can request changes to the setup or management of their databases as follows:

 1.    Open a ticket on

a.     Request Category: Billable Services

b.     Request Type: Database Administration Services

Monitoring and Alerting

The service is proactive in that it utilizes a suite of tools that can predict imminent failures and alert of any database errors or warnings. All production databases are monitored 7x24. All development databases are monitored 5x9.

 Monitoring activities include the following areas:

  •  Storage Management
  •  Alert Log Monitoring
  •  Availability
  •  Backups
  • System Resource Usage

Additional areas can be monitored as requested by the client.

Monitoring alerts age differently from clients requests because a problem has been detected in the environment. Different types of alerts can have a different urgency, although they have the same Priority Level name as those used for Client Requests.

Most alerts are responded to within 1 hr. We allow a 2 hr response window for 5x9 Support databases. 

Priority Level 24x7 Support Respond Within 9x5 Support Respond Within
Critical 1 hour  2 hours
High 1 hour 2 hours
Medium 1 hour 2 hours
Low  2 hours 2 hours

 Note (Oracle): Low priority for Alerts is generally used for Backup monitoring reports, pre-emptive space warnings, and non-critical Alert log errors.

Responsibility Matrix

The Responsibility Matrix indicates whether University IT or the client is ultimately responsible for performing the listed task. In instances where there are check marks (✓) in both columns, both the client and University IT must coordinate their efforts to ensure the successful completion of the task. It is not the intent of any Responsibility Matrix to absolutely define every process, function or task performed as a contracted function.

Database Administration CLIENT University IT
Transaction analysis  
Physical database design  
Database planning and reviews
Development server/instance setup  
Database construction services  
Application database call analysis
Performance analysis
Production server/instance setup  
Benchmark and testing
Test and production object migration
Backup and recovery  
Database performance monitoring and tuning  
Database space utilization and growth monitoring  
Software upgrades
Troubleshooting and on-call support