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Code42 CrashPlan Backup (formerly CrashPlan PROe)


University IT provides a centrally managed, automatic desktop backup solution available as a service to the Stanford community. Code42 CrashPlan (formerly CrashPlan PROe) is the enterprise version of CrashPlan.

Code42 CrashPlan is simple to use, highly efficient, and very secure. You can take control of your own backups, accessing your data anytime using a web browser or desktop client.


  • Continuous, invisible backup
  • Unlimited backup
  • Up to four devices per user
  • Be protected while traveling, at home or on campus
  • Data is encrypted
  • Easy to use web interface to manage backups, perform restores
  • Use your SUNet account for secure access
  • Single sign-on convenience
  • Support documentation available
  • Automatic email notifications for missed backups

Client compatibility

Supports laptops and desktops running modern versions of Windows, Apple’s OS X and Linux client operating systems. See the Code42 CrashPlan system requirements.

Get started

Many schools, departments and organizations already subscribe to the central Code42 CrashPlan service. Submit a Help ticket to request installation by your local IT support team.  If your organization does not yet subscribe to this service, persons with financial authority can submit an OrderIT request to get started. 


Each subscribing organization sets their own eligibility policy; check with your local IT support group for verification. Current Stanford affiliates determined to be ineligible can purchase a discounted subscription to the consumer version of CrashPlan. Importantly,  the consumer version is not approved for Moderate or High Risk risk classifications. Stanford's central Code42 CrashPlan service, on the other hand, is approved for all data classifications, including protected health information.

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Last modified August 7, 2017