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What is Cb Protection Initialization, and how does it affect my systems?

Initialization is a process in which the Cb Protection agent inventories the current state of a system, and locally approves all existing software. This means that all of the software already on a system when Cb Protection is Initialized is automatically approved, and will continue to run when the machine is moved into a new enforcement mode. 

The Initialization process runs in the background, and varies in duration with the speed and capacity of your storage volume. Initialization times may vary from 20 minutes for a laptop to many hours for a large, slow file server.

This process occurs when the agent moves from:

  1. Disabled enforcement to any other enforcement level.
  2. Any lower level to Medium or High enforcement.

Track the Initialization progress for each computer in the Assets view, under the property % initialized.

To stop Initialization, move the computer into Disabled mode. The agent will save its progress and restart from that point when Initialization resumes.

Last modified April 26, 2017