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Agent Upgrades

Upgrading Cb Protection Agents to the Latest Version Through the Console

There are two ways to upgrade the agent:

  • Enable automatic agent upgrades on a per-policy basis, allowing the server to manage the upgrade process. This option will upgrade all machines within your selected policy.
  • Initiate agent upgrades on one or more specific computers from the console.

Enabling Automatic Agent Upgrades By Policy - upgrades all systems within the policy

  • For the policy whose member agents you want to upgrade automatically, check the Allow upgrades box in the Options section of the Add Policy or Edit Policy page. Avoid doing this all at once for a large number of agents.

​​Manually Upgrade Computers From the Console - allows you to choose which systems to upgrade

  1. On the console menu, choose Assets > Computers.
  2. Find the computer(s) you want to upgrade and check the checkboxes next to their names. Verify the Upgrade Status column to make sure the computers require an upgrade and not already up to date.
  3. In the Action menu, select the Upgrade Computers command.

  4. In the confirmation dialog, click OK to trigger the upgrade. The Upgrade Status description of the computer will change to Up to date when the upgrade has completed.
    NOTE: Disconnected agents will be upgraded the next time they are connected to the CB Protection server.

​​Verifying Upgrade and Connected Status

  • To make the upgrade process easier to manage, the Computers page in the console provides an Upgrade Status column and also visually differentiates between computers running up-to-date agents and those running previous versions. Also on this page, the Connected column uses different color dots to indicate different agent conditions. Hovering the mouse over the dot provides a text description of the condition.

    NOTE: Typically, you do not need to reboot the agent computer, but there are cases in which you may see an Upgrade Status is “Reboot Required”. On any Windows version, if a file is in use by another process when the agent installer attempts to write that file, you must reboot the computer to allow the system to replace the old file with the current version.

Upgrade Status Messages

  • Not Requested - Agent can be upgraded but upgrades are not enabled for the policy, or they are turned off globally.
  • Upgrade waiting - Agent can be upgraded and is in a policy that allows upgrade. Waiting to be scheduled by server.
  • Upgrade scheduled - Agent has been scheduled for upgrade, or computer has downloaded the upgrade package and not run it yet. Note that the server does not track when the agent upgrade package is downloaded and run.
  • Upgrade requested - An agent upgrade for this computer was requested from the console.
  • Reboot required - Agent is waiting for a reboot after upgrade. Reboot is required only under certain conditions.
  • Not supported - Agent cannot be upgraded because the computer is running Windows 2000 or another operating system not supported for the latest version of CB.
  • Upgrade blocked - Agent configuration list is not up-to-date and is missing one or more values required for a successful upgrade. One example of this is use of an out-of-date port number for communication with the Cb Protection Server. Agent cannot upgrade through the server until the configuration is up-to-date, but can be upgraded through other means. In most cases, a connected agent will eventually reach the required configuration list version without intervention. Prioritizing the agent for updates (on the Computer Details page Action menu) expedites configuration list updates. If an agent still remains in "Upgrade blocked" for an extended period, contact Carbon Black Support.
  • Up to date - Agent upgrade (or new installation) has been completed.
  • Agent uninstalled - Agent was on this computer but has been uninstalled.

Connection Status

The Connection status column indicates connection and agent status:

NOTE: A typical agent upgrade for a single computer can take 5-10 minutes. Please consider bandwidth implications when applying the agent upgrade on a per-policy basis.

Last modified January 7, 2022