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Use the Cb Protection Admin Console

The admin console is the central location for managing application control rules for your servers.

Viewing approval requests

View approval requests by opening the Tools menu at the top of the admin console and selecting Approval Requests.

  • As the agent blocks files, the user can request the file be approved by inputting some reasoning and submitting a request through a pop-up window.
  • Periodically review this queue for activity.

Organizing the Console

  • Save your own custom Saved View by typing a name in the box next to the Saved View drop-down menu, then clicking Add. Stanford specific Saved View names should always start with "SU -".
  • Click on the name of an item in your view to see its available details.
  • Filter the items in your view by selecting the box next to Add Filter and choosing an available property.
  • Filter events by age by selecting the box below Max Age and choosing a value from the list.
  • Filter on multiple values of a property by selecting the + next to a chosen property.
  • View other properties by selecting Show Columns under the Saved Views and moving properties from Available to Selected.
  • Group the items in your view by selecting the box under Group By and choosing an available property.

Using the Events view

  • View events by opening the Reports menu at the top of the console and selecting Events.
  • View event templates by selecting the box below Saved Views and selecting a template.
  • View new unapproved file traffic by selecting the box below Saved Views and scrolling down to SU – Unapproved File Traffic.
  • View file execution blocked events by selecting the box below Saved Views and scrolling down to Blocked Files (Unapproved).
  • Approve or ban files locally by selecting a file activity event, then opening the Action menu and selecting Approve/Ban Locally.
  • Approve or ban files across your environment, not just locally to one system, by selecting Approve/Ban by Policy.

Using the Assets view

  • View the file catalog by opening the Assets menu and selecting Files.
  • View computers by opening the Assets menu at the top of the console and selecting Computers.
  • Move computers from one policy to another by selecting the computers, opening the Action menu, and selecting Move Computers to Policy.
  • Move computers into Local Approval mode (which temporarily locally approves all new files) by opening the Action menu and selecting Move to Local Approval.
    Note: Machines in Local Approval will not be visible to their administrators, and thus cannot be reverted back to normal enforcement level without assistance from ISO.

Using the Rules view

  • View policies by opening the Rules menu at the top of the page and selecting Policies.
  • Download an agent for a specific policy by selecting the Cb Protection Agent Software link to the top of the console.
  • Write a file rule for a single file by following these steps:
    1. Select Software Rules from the Rules menu.
    2. Select the Files tab and select Add File Rule.
    3. Name the rule in this format: SU-<group name>-<application name>-<short desc.> 
      • Example: “SU-ISO-BigFix-Software-Deployment”.
    4. Input a description, open the drop-down menu next to Rule Type, and select an action.
    5. Select Save & Exit.
Last modified July 8, 2020