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Convert to Stanford Box


If you have a Stanford University Box account and need to switch to a Stanford Medicine Box account or vice versa, please submit a Help request  for assistance with converting your account. Requests typically take 5-10 business days to complete. Requests for conversions from Stanford Medicine Box to Stanford University Box may take longer as the content must be audited prior to conversion. Only items in your Stanford Medicine External folder can be moved. Prohibited and Restricted data cannot be stored in Stanford University Box. 

Moving your documents to a personal Box account

If you are leaving Stanford University and wish to retain access to your documents in Box, please create a Box account using your personal email address (not You can then share a folder from your personal account to your Stanford University account. 

  1. Log in to your personal Box account at
  2. Click New > New Folder to create a new folder. 
  3. Enter a folder name.
  4. Click Invite people to upload or download files.
  5. Add your and select the Editor access type.
  6. Click the gear icon and select Logout.
  7. Log in to your Stanford Box account at
  8. Navigate to a folder you wish to copy and select the drop-down arrow. Click Move or Copy
  9. In the Move/Copy Selected Item screen, select the folder you shared from your personal account. Select the Move or Copy button.
    • If you select Move, your personal account will become the owner of that content.
    • If you select Copy, a copy of that content will be placed in the folder shared from your personal account and the data will exist in 2 separate folders. Changes made in one folder will not be reflected in the other copy.
    Note: Free personal accounts only allow storage of up to 10 GB of data with a maximum file size of 250 MB. Upgrade to Personal Pro to get 100 GB of storage and a 5 GB file upload size for $10 per month.
Last modified March 21, 2019