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Frequently Asked Questions

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Will this affect my pricing?
The price of services will either be the same or less, over time, depending upon the aggregate volume of our collective purchases.
Will I continue to get my monthly bill as usual?
Yes. There will be no changes to your monthly bill.
Will I lose administrative control over my account?
No. By agreeing to the Stanford negotiated terms, you do not lose any functionality or control over your account.
What types of data am I allowed to use on AWS?
Please see the Information Security data classification site for the latest on permitted data to have on cloud providers. Note: Stanford does not have a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) with Amazon Web Services and therefore AWS cannot be used to store or share PHI data.
Is there someone I can contact on campus about using Amazon?
Yes, you can submit a HelpSU for any inquiries you may have.
How do I close my AWS Account?
Before closing your account, be sure to back up any applications and data that you need to retain. AWS may not be able to retrieve your account data after your account is closed. After completing your backup, visit your Account Settings page and click Close Account. This will close your AWS account and unsubscribe you from all AWS services. You will not be able to access AWS services or launch new resources when your account is closed.
How do I view the full contract?
You can view the full contract below:
Since I'm only using my AWS account for personal work, how do I associate my account with an external email address?

Step 1:
Amazon: My Account

Step 2:
Amazon: Account Settings

Step 3:
Amazon: Change email address

Step 4:
Amazon: Confirm new email address

Last modified March 8, 2017