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Email: Reducing aging Remedy tickets in your queues

Hi UIT Keycomm,

Below is a message that the ServiceNow implementation team will send out later this week to any UIT staff who have Remedy tickets that have not been updated in the past 75 days. We’d appreciate your help to reinforce this message within your workgroup and throughout the organization.

Let’s get those old Remedy tickets cleaned up!

ServiceNow Implementation Team

Fellow Remedy Ticket Resolvers,

There are over 1,600 Remedy tickets sitting in UIT support queues that have not been updated in over 90 days. Of course, not all these “aged” tickets are yours, but you do have some and we could really use your help to reduce that number.

What do I need to do?

Before Nov. 4, take a look at your Remedy tickets that you haven’t updated in more than 75 days.

  • Has the issue been resolved? If so, mark the ticket “resolved” or “closed.” (Remember, “resolved” sends a message to the client, “closed” does not.)
  • Does the issue remain unresolved? If so, update the ticket’s work log with the current status.

Either action only takes a few seconds and would REALLY help us out as we prepare for the December release of Incident Management in ServiceNow.

What will happen if I don’t do anything?

After Nov. 4, we will automatically close any Remedy tickets in UIT queues — and that means any AS, IT Services, ISO, or Shared Services queues — that have not been updated within the last 90 days. So again, if you have tickets you don’t want automatically closed, update them soon.

Why is this important?

When Incident Management goes live in December, all new support requests will go into ServiceNow. We will not transfer your open Remedy tickets to ServiceNow. That means you’ll have to work your support tickets in two different systems until all your Remedy tickets are cleared. The fewer, the better, right? So one more time, help yourself and help us by updating your Remedy tickets.

Where can I go for more information?

If you have questions, please contact the ServiceNow team at

Last modified February 9, 2017