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Where is Codey?

Who is Codey?

Codey is our mascot! He joined us from Salesforce as a celebration of the ADAPT ((Alumni and Development Applications Platform Transition) launch.

Codey is a maker and a builder. Whether it’s coding an app on Salesforce, or pouring lattes as a ‘Bearista’, Codey isn’t afraid to get noticed or dive in to get things done. 

Read about Codey and his family of Trailhead Characters:

  • Appy (the Bobcat) (Your guide to the Partner Ecosystem)
  • Astro (Nomical) (Your guide to Salesforce)
  • Blaze (the Wolf) (Representing Cloud Services)
  • Cloudy (the Goat) (Keeping everyone together and on track)
  • Codey (the Bear) (Inspiring builders and makers everywhere)
  • Earnie (the Badger) (Trailblazing Badger)
  • Einstein (Resident genius and future seeker)
  • Hootie (McOwlface the Owl) (Representative of skills and credentials)
  • Koa (the Dog) (The Chief Love Officer)
  • Max (the Mule) (Your integration one-stop-shop)
  • Meta (the Moose) (The Engineering Architect)
  • SaaSy (The End of Software)

Would your Salesforce team like to host Codey?

Come find us on our Slack channel and request a visit.  If you see Codey, take a picture and share it!

Codey on his first day on campus (September 2019)

Halloween Codey at the Office of Education

Codey hard at work visitng the Office of Education and ready for Halloween!

Codey visiting the Office of Accessible Education (October 2019)

Codey at our Salesforce COP meeting, outside the Laudau Economics building (October 2019)

Our Mascot Codey at the GSB

Cody visits the GSB (November 2019)


Last modified November 18, 2019