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Stanford Web Services Rates

Web consulting services - FY21-22

Service Cost

Stanford Sites Drupal CMS self-service


Website Project Strategy

$143/hour for web project strategy
$165/hour for consultation on technical architecture and development strategy

Vendor Selection and Liaison

$143/hour for web project strategy and vendor management 

User Experience (UX) Design Consulting
Visual Design Consulting

$119/hour for project management
$123/hour for UX research and design
$142/hour for senior UX strategy, research, and design

Custom Website Project

Varies by project requirements. Projects are billed on a time and materials basis.
$89/hour for customer support and training
$113/hour for site-building and front-end development
$119/hour for project management
$123/hour for UX research and visual design
$143/hour for web development and launch

Basic Website Support Retainer

$625 for up to 5 hours

Last modified November 5, 2021