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Contract Support Rates

Desktop Support Rates

Computer Resource Consulting (CRC) desktop support rates are based on the number of devices and complexity of the environment to be supported. The table illustrates rates for Field Support Team based departmental computing support. Pricing for Extended Services requires a discussion with the client in order to determine appropriate costs.

Workstations Monthly
Fewer than 200 workstations

per workstation


More than 200 workstations

per workstation


More than 500 workstations

per workstation


Unique Scenarios

We also have additional rates for other unique scenarios such as support for high-touch environments or those who might need only occasional support.

Type Description Rate
Premium For high-touch areas. This provides additional response times, senior technicians, and extended support hours.

per month per workstation


Limited For light-touch areas. This is typically used for areas with staff who work remotely or only require occasional support.

per month per workstation


Hourly support Typically used for projects or unique needs.

per hour

Lab support Purchasing, configuration, and maintenance of these of computers in a semi-public or lab setting.

per month per workstation


Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Virtual desktop public access.

per month per workstation


Last modified September 1, 2013