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Set Strategy, Harmonize Processes, and Invest in People

The new organization will set strategy, harmonize processes, and invest in people through a more unified and consistent approach. This will include the integration and coordination of internal governing processes and a university IT governance framework.

The Office of the CIO and the UIT Leadership Team are responsible for setting the overall strategy of UIT.

The Office of the CIO is responsible for integrating and coordinating internal governing processes and a university IT governance framework that includes, but is not limited to, the CIO Council, the Faculty Senate Committee on Academic Computing and Information Systems (C-ACIS), Systems Governance Group (SGG), UIT Leadership Team, and more.

The new Chief of Staff role is being introduced as a direct report to the CIO, and as a member of the UIT Leadership Team.

The Chief of Staff is responsible for:

  • CIO Office strategic initiatives
  • UIT Communications team overseeing:
    • Internal communications for the UIT community
    • Service awareness communications for the Stanford community
    • IT community communications for IT professionals at Stanford
    • Communications external to Stanford
  • UIT Human Resource management in conjunction with Business Affairs HR
  • Talent development and leadership programs
  • Organizational effectiveness strategy and programming
  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion programming
  • Stanford IT community program development