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Service Design

Our mission

The Service Design Team's mission is to design and facilitate quality service experiences across the entire University IT service portfolio, and build design and innovation capability across the organization.

What is service design?

Service Design applies design thinking and human-centered design practices to how our services are delivered and experienced by clients.

What does the Service Design Team do?

We provide design expertise to service teams across UIT, focusing on improving client experiences, designing new services, and cultivating human-centered design culture and innovation practices in UIT. 

We partner with UIT teams to:

  • Conduct user research to understand client experience and inform service strategy
  • Design, prototype, and test new service concepts and service improvements
  • Provide workshop facilitation and trainings for UIT teams

Through our collaborative, human-centered approach, we enable UIT to deliver efficient, easy-to-use, and integrative solutions that satisfy client needs across campus.

Get in touch

If you are interested in partnering with the Service Design Team, send a note to and we'll follow-up to learn more about your needs! (Please note, we are an internal group to University IT, and available to work only on UIT-related projects.)