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Problems Connecting to Intranet Sites

You may have difficulty reaching many non-Stanford websites due to a Denial of Service (DOS) attack affecting a major Internet provider, Dyn. This issue is external to Stanford, but does affect some Stanford services, including Box, Qualtrics, and Github. For updates, see the Dyn site.

404 - Resource Not Found

We’re sorry: the URL you have requested is incorrect or that page or directory is out-of-date and has been removed from circulation. If you entered the URL manually, please check your spelling and try again. If you think this is a server error, please contact HelpSU.

If you were brought here by linking from another page, please use your “back” button, find the contact information on the referring web page, and inform its administrator of the error.

Where to go from here …

If you need assistance with a project, service, or application that University IT currently provides, or if you need information about a discontinued service, please submit a HelpSU request or call 5-HELP (650-725-4357).