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February 2017 Newsletter

The IT Operations Center’s Nonstop Work Keeps You Working

The IT Operations Center team works 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to make sure Stanford’s technology systems, services, and network infrastructure stay up and running.

University IT Focuses on Quality Service for Stanford

Two UIT teams — Service Design and the Operator Services Center — recently partnered to develop crucial customer service strategies to benefit the Stanford community.

On-Demand Support Now Available for Enterprise Systems

If you work with an enterprise system application such as iBudget or Axess, it’s now much easier to get help. As of Feb. 1, on-demand remote support is offered five days a week.

Update Your Information Security Skills

On March 2, the Stanford Information Security Academy (SISA) offers a half-day Information Security I class for system administrators and web developers. This free class provides information about cybersecurity for servers and applications.

How can I get instant IT support with the click of a button?

Live Chat is a new option offered through the Services Portal. Available seven days a week, Live Chat puts you in touch with in-house IT support specialists instantaneously.

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