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What software is available for home use and costs just $9.95?

Thursday, September 1, 2016

The Microsoft Office Suite is available for purchase through the University IT Software Licensing Web Store for use on your personal computer. At a price of just $9.95, this is a great deal on a package that normally retails for $100 or more.

Product detail

Stanford has signed a campus license agreement to provide the most commonly used Microsoft software to all faculty, staff, and students. There is no cost to individuals or departments for the MS software on Stanford-owned machines. For use on personal machines, faculty and staff may purchase one copy of Microsoft Office for $9.95.

Here's what’s currently available in this package:


How to get it

Visit the University IT Software Licensing Web Store.

Please note that there is no free operating system upgrade available via Stanford for your personal machine (Apple provides it for free), but you can purchase Windows 10 Education for $9.95 from the Home Use Program.

Product support and training

If you need support with the software you purchase for your personal computer, you can take a class through University IT Tech Training.

View Tech Training’s schedule of upcoming classes.

Learn more

The University IT Software Licensing office acts as a main point of contact for software that is available for purchase or use on campus. Many products are licensed and distributed directly through the software web store. If we don’t offer it, the Software Licensing office can help you find the best alternative source. If there is general and continuing interest in a software product not yet offered on campus, we will research the request to see if we can negotiate an agreement that will benefit the university.

Learn more about the University IT Software Licensing office.

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