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University IT's New Direction

Changes will further unite UIT and ultimately deliver better services to the Stanford community
Thursday, October 11, 2018

Under the leadership of Stanford’s CIO, Steve Gallagher, University IT is embarking on a new direction. This includes a redesigned organizational structure that took effect Oct. 1.

The goal is to further unite UIT – and ultimately deliver better services to the Stanford community – by introducing new strategic values and organizing according to a set of key principles.

The changes were informed by input from IT leaders across Stanford, members of the UIT community, and other partners across the university, the hospitals, and SLAC.

To help you understand these changes, the rationale behind them, and the vision for our new direction, a series of webpages and related videos are now available on our UIT website:

Highlights of what you’ll find on these pages include:

  • A revised UIT vision and five strategic values that support that vision.
  • Five organizing principles that guided the creation of our new organizational structure and will influence future decisions.
  • Our new organizational structure as of Oct. 1.
  • A view of our leadership team.

What this means for you

It’s our hope that these changes will result in you experiencing improvements with UIT services and support. If you find it otherwise, or if you have questions or suggestions about these changes, please send us your feedback.

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