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MX System Shutdown

Monday, December 11, 2017

In February 2018, University IT (UIT) will shut down the local mail exchanger (MX) record systems. Email servers that are hard coded to point to the MX record will have traffic rerouted to our data loss prevention (DLP) and anti-spam solutions. If you maintain an email server that points to the on-premise MX record, we recommend that you update your email server to point to the new systems.

We are making this change in order to make our infrastructure more resilient to natural disasters and ensure all mail traffic is routed through our DLP and anti-spam solutions.

New server settings

To avoid having mail messages forcibly rerouted, please point the email server to For more information, review the Routing Email Through SMTP Relays instructions.


If you have any questions or if you need assistance, please submit a Help request.

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