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Leadership Program Transforms IT Professionals

Graduates of the Stanford Technical Leadership Program (STLP) bring enhanced skills back to their teams after an eight-month program
Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The 2017 Stanford Technical Leadership Program (STLP) wrapped up its eighth year with 32 Stanford IT professionals completing the eight-month journey.

The class of 2017 joins over 180 colleagues, from both central and distributed IT groups across the university, who have completed the training program since 2009.

Graduates bring back to their teams enhanced skills to lead without authority, find common ground, navigate change, and strengthen relationships within and across Stanford.

“The impact that the STLP program made on me is immeasurable. It was a transformative experience that will shape my career for years to come,” said Jackie Holland of Humanities & Sciences Dean’s Office.

The STLP curriculum consists of five sets of two-day, on-site workshops; guest speakers; opportunities to define and collaborate on small projects; and individualized coaching.

Graduates share about program impact

STLP targets emerging leaders, influential technologists, and others who have to maneuver the complex IT landscape at Stanford in order to achieve results.

For this year’s graduates, key program takeaways included the opportunity to explore their potential, the strength of a network, and the transforming experience of being around other Stanford IT colleagues. Here’s what a few STLP graduates shared about the program’s experience and impact on them.

The STLP curriculum consists of five sets of two-day, on-site workshops, guest speakers, opportunities to define and collaborate on small projects, and individualized coaching.

Building self-awareness

“STLP provided an incredible opportunity to expand my awareness and capacity to make the most of every day,” said Allan Holtzmann of University IT (UIT).

“STLP taught me that leadership can be learned, and inspired me to explore my potential to be a great leader and a better me,” Joyce Li of the Office of the University Registrar said.

"What was amazing was the the level of focus and motivation of every single person involved,” said Michael Takahashi of the Office of Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning. “IT staff from all corners of Stanford were intent on transforming themselves and the energy was exhilarating. It's unlike any leadership program that I've been a part of."

“I’ve learned more about myself and my capabilities as a leader in those eight months than I have over the past 10 years of my career," said Rachel Manongdo of UIT. “It was invigorating to have those days set aside to focus on being a better me, both professionally and personally, and to build my Stanford network.”

Building a network

“It’s all about your network. That’s what I heard all the time when I joined Stanford last year,” said Mary Beth Lefebvre of UIT. “With STLP, my network building at Stanford has gotten a boost. I learned first hand how it helps to know the right people. After STLP started, one of my projects needed a key report to move forward. I was stymied on where to get the report. When I emailed a couple of STLP classmates , one offered a concrete suggestion, and another printed the info I needed — all within a few hours. The network works!”

Learn more

  • Talk to your manager if you are interested in participating in STLP. The 2018 program begins this fall.
  • Read more about the program's purpose and design in this November 2015 article. For additional information, including how to enroll in the program, click here.
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