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Five Things to Know About the New Voicemail System

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

On September 10, the voicemail system is changing for all faculty and staff at Stanford University, Stanford Health Care and Stanford Children’s Health. Review this information to understand better what’s changing and what you can do to prepare.

  1. You may need to update your greeting. Your voicemail greeting will be copied from the current voicemail system on August 27 so that it is available on the new system on September 10. That means that any new greeting you record between August 27 and September 10 will not move to the new system. If this will affect you, consider modifying your voicemail greeting as needed before August 27.
  2. You should review and delete old messages. Your saved voicemail messages will not be moved to the new system, so be sure to review your messages and delete those you don’t need before September 10. You will be able to access messages saved on the current system for at least 60 days after September 10.
  3. You can still push a button to access voicemail. If you retrieve voicemail messages by pressing the voicemail button on your desk phone, the button will be automatically programmed to access the new system starting September 10.
  4. You will use a new number to access voicemail. If you dial in from outside Stanford to access your voicemail, you will need to call a new number to reach your voicemail as of September 10. You will receive this new number closer to September 10.  
  5. You can get the latest information about the transition online. For the latest updates and information on the new voicemail system, visit the voicemail transition page.
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