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Commencement Freeze Starts in May

University IT supports annual effort to ensure smooth commencement for students
Monday, May 2, 2016

In keeping with Stanford’s commitment to ensure everything flows smoothly for our students before and during commencement, University IT supports the annual commencement freeze, which starts May 29.

For more than a decade, the University Registrar has requested a commencement freeze to keep the campus environment as stable as possible so that commencement-related activities are not interrupted by planned or unplanned outages.

University IT will be rigorous about not making any changes that could interrupt the campus backbone, phone systems, and the Axess and PeopleSoft applications and related services. Likewise, we will not alter core services, such as Email and Calendar, WebAuth or WebLogin, and Two-Step Authentication.

This year, commencement will be on Sunday, June 12. Accordingly, this year's campus-wide commencement freeze dates are:

  • Sunday, May 29 to Monday, June 13.

No changes to any systems will be made during this time that could affect commencement activities.

IT changes to local school and unit systems should be postponed until after commencement. Emergency changes to fix existing problems and restore service should still move forward.

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