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Get Started with iMovie

Thursday, November 8, 2018 - 9:00am to 4:00pm
Birch Hall, RM: 105 Birch Lab A

Let's face it, video production these days is solidly mainstream. Wherever you go, you realize that you need to learn it immediately. Because everybody else seems to know how to do it. In fact, you may feel completely left out every time you see that next-door kid become an instant YouTube celebrity - almost overnight. 

iMovie is easy and simple to setup, quick to learn, fun to use, and helps you tap into the full processing power of Apple's computer technology for maximum results. With such awesome payload of power at your fingertips, you can begin cranking out amazing pro-level videos immediately.

In this class your learning curve will be nice and smooth. No prior experience in video editing is necessary. In the short one-day session, you'll start from scratch and quickly progress to editing and producing your masterpieces. All the key concepts and techniques will be clearly explained and demonstrated.

This is what you should expect to learn in this class:
- How to comfortably navigate and understand the iMovie user interface for ultimate productivity.
- How to  efficiently import your media into iMovie.
- How to clearly understand the iMovie's organizational hierarchy.
- The best ways to quickly organize your media inside iMovie.
- How to create your projects.
- How to add clips to your projects.
- Effective ways to edit, manipulate, and transform clips in your projects.
- How to take advantage of video effects.
- How to add titles and transitions to your projects.
- Working with chroma-key, green-screen effect.
- How to create captivating pro-level movie trailers.
- How to efficiently work with still images.
- How to and and work with audio in iMovie.
- How to share your movies.

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