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Cloud Program Goals

Qualitative Goals

  • A client interface with a seamless service catalog of robust solutions.
  • Strategically selected and well managed vendor partnerships.
  • Backed by an expert workforce with cloud technology and practices.
  • Inherent security and privacy controls commensurate with the risk profile of the business need.
  • Automated improvements with auto-scaling capabilities, resilient deployments by system design, with no service disruption to service level.

Measurable Goals

Perform Cloud Governance and Portfolio Management

University IT will develop a cloud portfolio strategy supported by a cloud advisory and governance structure.

View Goal 1 Roadmap to see timeline and current/planned activities.

Define Organizational Development Program

Update roles, skills and competencies for University IT staff associated with cloud solutions to reflect cloud-related service and technology expertise required to achieve the University IT vision and goals.

View Goal 2 Roadmap to see timeline and current/planned activities.

Integrate Key Cloud Systems, Processes, and Services

University IT will integrate the cloud-source lifecycle (from sourcing through acquisition and billing) into its enterprise vendor management, procurement, and billing systems.

View Goal 3 Roadmap to see timeline and current/planned activities.

Run Mission Critical Services in the Cloud

New systems and software deployments will be cloud-sourced. Current University IT owned and operated critical enterprise campus software applications will have detailed project schedules to not be exclusively hosted on campus.

View Goal 4 Roadmap to see timeline and current activities.

Reduce UIT Computing Footprint on Campus by 50%

This goal was removed from the program in 2018, as we gained more experience with cloud deployments and continued setting our priorities for cloud.

View Goal 5 Roadmap to see timeline and current/planned activities.

Exit Livermore Disaster Recovery Site

Redesign disaster recovery and business continuity to leverage cloud-hosting and related services. Have detailed project schedule for exiting the Livermore site.

View Goal 6 Roadmap to see timeline and current/planned activities.

Last modified April 14, 2023